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RLPS Interiors creates exceptional environments through an inclusive interior design experience that engages all team members. Whether it's interior master planning, programming or design, new construction, renovations or "inside the box" interior updates, your project is important to us. RLPS Interiors is committed to designing environments that evoke positive and productive emotion through creative and functional solutions that reflect your organization's mission and values. Many of our interior design projects have garnered national praise and awards reflecting RLPS Interiors' personalized attention to detail and design sensibility. Areas of specific focus include senior living, assisted living, dementia/memory care, short-term rehab, higher education, K-12 schools, healthcare, hospitality and office spaces.

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  • Meet Matt

    Matt Barley - Interior Designer

    "Interior design adds creatively specified thought to how humans interact with materials. Each material has unique qualities and they can be personalized..." MORE >

  • Meet Lauren

    Lauren Rice - Interior Designer

    "My passion for art and design is hereditary. I get my artistic abilities from my grandmother. The inspiration to focus on interior design is from my mother..." MORE >

  • Meet Jessie

    Jessie Santini - Interior Designer

    "I have been fascinated with floor plans and building interiors for as long as I can remember. I was always an artistic kid, but as I grew older, I realized..." MORE >

  • Meet Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Fox - Interior Designer

    "I always liked to doodle and color. When I got older and my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I decided that that I could use my passion to design environments ..." MORE >

  • Meet Michayla

    Michayla Pflieger - Interior Designer

    "I love being home, so I have always enjoyed the fact that the design and feel of a home can create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere..." MORE >

  • Meet Kristin

    Kristin Novak - Interior Designer

    "Detailing is how we can really capture an idea and shape it into reality. It's exciting to have a positive and lasting effect with something that I created ..." MORE >

  • Meet Stacy

    Stacy Hollinger - Interior Designer

    "I love how a space or color can affect people's emotions and how we can express ourselves by what surrounds us, ..." MORE >

  • Meet Kristin

    Kristin Hovermale - Interior Designer

    "I am fascinated by the interactions people have within spaces and how interior design can enhance people's well-being, safety and happiness." MORE >

  • Meet Deborah

    Deborah Kimmet - Interior Designer

    "Most of us spend the majority of our days indoors, so it's important that we as designers do everything we can ..." MORE >

  • Meet Kathleen

    Kathleen Goff - Director of Strategic Initiatives

    "I love meeting people, connecting people with new people and resources and helping them locate and assemble the ..." MORE >

  • ..." ..."
  • Meet Liz

    Liz Koch - Interior Designer

    "I love seeing the transformation through the different phases of a job and ultimately seeing the final product." MORE >

  • Meet Vicki

    Vicki Moyer - Interior Designer

    "It's really the small details that elevate a good design to a great design." MORE >

  • Meet Kelly

    Kelly Wood - Interior Designer

    "I love to learn. That idea alone keeps the spark for me to create." MORE >

  • Meet Carrie

    Carrie Zirkle - Interior Designer

    "I love the way a room can come together with a simple touch of color, or even accessories - and I've always ..." MORE >

  • Meet Jessica

    Jessica Jack - Interior Designer

    "Whether I am designing a space that fuels the creativity of a seven-year-old or calms the nerves of a patient ..." MORE >