Carson King

Carson King

When I get excited about design, I sort of fall into a fast paced dance that although it involves a lot of hard work, is genuinely exhilarating. Sometimes you miss a step and need to recover, but the thing about dancing (and design) is you learn from your missteps in order to grow and become that much more fluid next time.


  • 3 years of experience
  • Professional Masters of Architecture and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture, Minor in Interior Design / Savannah College of Art and Design

Carson's inspiration to become a designer

When I was in middle school, my parents bought my younger sister and I colored clay that you bake in the oven until it hardens. After carefully sculpting a dozen or so two-inch figures my sister and I looked at each other and realized the dolls needed a house. We set to work connecting boxes to create hallways, rooms and eventually, an entire house large enough to fit under my full size bed.

My sister and I got so creative shaping and defining these spaces and “sculpting spatial experiences.” We combined a few pennies, scraps of cardboard, and a small box all painted black to create a slide-in range. For a dresser and mirror, we took an old CD with gold sharpie around the edges and adhered it to the back of a small box. That house ended up being so detailed and intricate down to including baseboards and small clay bowls with oven-baked clay food. When we finally completed the house and it was time to play, there was a sense of sadness in the air. Rather than playing with what we had just created, I wanted to still be creating, immersed in the details. Whether it was forts made of leaves, a painting, or a project, there was always a joy in the details of creation.

Snow Globe

Her Most Prized Possession

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have a “most prized possession.” Instead, I have many little things that over the years have come to hold a lot of value for me. Almost all of them were thoughtful gifts from people very dear to me.

My Nana had cancer when I was born and was only a part of my life for a few months. However, I am constantly reminded and able to see in home videos the joy those few months were and how much love she lavished on me. There were so many little things that she left for me, including a solid gold pineapple necklace, her favorite blue perfume bottle and a collector’s item nativity scene snow globe made the year that I was born that plays Silent Night. Even though I can’t remember those months, it’s like her love is tangible in a way that makes those objects so unbelievably precious.

The snow globe was broken in transport when I relocated to Lancaster from the south. I was crushed, but recognized that things happen and so had tucked the pieces away in a box. When one of the partners at RLPS found out about it and how much it meant to me through a casual conversation, I was touched when their father-in-law offered to fix it for me. I now have my Nana’s snow globe whole and in one piece once again.

When Carson wants to relax

I have always had an affinity for nature and the many colors it displays. Whenever I need to process difficult emotions or simply relax, I find myself pulling out my paints to work on impressionistic landscapes. Painting is my catharsis that helps me to better understand not only myself, but also to see the beauty in the world much more clearly.

I paint with watercolor gouache paints in a highly saturated form while making my acrylic paintings look like watercolor. There is something so breathtaking about the intensity of colors that my paintings end up taking on, and yet there is a sense of absolute wonder and gratitude when I realize that the original is so much more breathtaking and precious to behold. When painting, I know I’m doing it right when I “go cross-eyed.” In those times, I am working intuitively and instinctively and not over-analyzing which color should go where. I’ve had people tell me that I bleed in paint and cry in color. Painting just takes me to a place where I see nature and the world in all of its raw beauty to the degree where it can bring me to joyful tears.