WINTER INSPIRATIONS: Taking our Cues for Interior Design

several winter related photosThe holidays, with the festive decorations and sparkling lights, often create feelings of warmth and vitality while evoking memories of cherished times spent with family and friends. Likewise, the natural world provides a unique color palette and new textures during the winter months. Despite the cold, sometimes dreary days that winter brings to the Northern hemisphere, there is also much beauty to be found. For instance, the absence of leaves and lush undergrowth focuses more attention on the artistic features of bare branches, the bright feathers of a cardinal or the deep reds of winter berries.

We asked several of our interior designers to share a favorite inspiration photo for incorporating winter holiday beauty into interior spaces.

Kelly Wood

blue bird and interior photo of brandermill woods in midlothian, va

These interior photos are from the clubhouse at Brandermill Woods in Midlothian, VA.

brandermill chair closeupAlthough it may not be the first color that comes to mind when we think of winter holiday inspiration, blue is a versatile option that works well in any season.  Kelly Wood’s inspiration photo illustrates how well blue works with neutral grays and browns which are very popular right now.  These combinations complement pretty much any design theme or style. Elegant and understated, blue paired with these neutrals is a timeless approach that can still provide a “wow” factor.

 Lauren Rice

interior and exterior photos at Foulkeways at Gwynedd's personal care residence in Gwynedd, PA

The interior photos are from the lobby of Foulkeways at Gwynedd’s personal care residence in Gwynedd, PA.

Inspiration for Lauren Rice comes from glistening icicles that form on winter branches, along with a pop of color provided by winter berries.  A combination of browns and grays provides the perfect backdrop for a splash of winter red, and we love the many ways that natural forms can be incorporated into interior settings like the lobby space pictured here with twig accents in the translucent panels and the organic branch pattern of the wallpaper.

Deb Kimmet, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C

Granite Farms Estates in Media, PA

This inviting fireplace sitting area is located at Granite Farms Estates in Media, PA.

Much like the warm glow of a winter sunrise, with the welcoming crisp air and softly textured snow-covered trees, our interiors for senior living communities are designed to create cozy, comfortable places for people to gather.  Deb Kimmet’s inspiration image is expressed through natural textures, earthy colors and large windows.  As she puts it, “When the outdoors flows through the interior, it provides an inviting space for all to enjoy throughout the year.”

Vicki Moyer

the Grammercy Park hotel, Penthouse Suite

The unique dining room photo is from, the Grammercy Park hotel, Penthouse Suite. The presentation board and material sample illustrate the interior concept for an apartment.

Vicki Moyer likes the bold jewel tones that we see more of this time of year for her inspiration.  A combination of dark blues and deep reds provides warmth and depth to spaces while working well with a wide range of neutrals and wood tones. “We’re seeing these traditional colors being used in new ways in spaces with contemporary artwork and furnishings to create an updated look,” Vicki says.

branch on a christmas tree


The holidays also provide inspiration and opportunities to turn up the sparkle for extra impact and appeal that can last throughout the winter, with candles, lights, and metallic accents for lamps, pillows, statement furniture pieces and accessories. Particularly when there may be less color and light outside, added color and shine on the inside will really pop and help to energize your spaces.

We wish all of our clients and business associates a holiday season of celebration, beauty and inspiration!

Blog Editor – Jodi Kreider