Jacqueline Fox

Jacqueline Fox

Interior Designer

I always liked to doodle and color. When I got older and my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I decided that that I could use my passion to design environments that my grandfather and others living with the disease would feel comfortable living in.


  • 3 Years of Experience
  • Bachelor of Science / Philadelphia University

Jacqueline's First Job

My first job was working as an intern for a CEO's assistant. My favorite part of the job was planning, and organizing the company picnic. It was the first one in seven years, so I was starting from scratch. It taught me how to design and organize events as well as how to manage event staff.

Her favorite way to relax

I love playing basketball, volleyball, or some other sport. Somehow getting cuts and bruises really helps me to relax.

Food she can't live without

Sushi has been my favorite since I was 11 years old! When I was in elementary school and we had to draw our favorite foods at the beginning of the year, my classmates drew pizza, spaghetti, and hamburgers while I was drawing sushi rolls.

Tiffany Wrapped Box

Her signature piece

My Tiffany heart necklace. It was the first present my husband gave me when we were dating. I rarely take it off.